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Do we need to take lessons to learn how to play a musical instrument?

Do we need to take lessons to learn how to play a musical instrument, Guitar lessons, piano lessons, music

This is a very interesting question. To answer it we need to take some things into consideration and we have to look at ourselves through a mirror of honesty. Are you a prodigy? Do you accomplish many musical goals with ought much effort? While you’re learning to play many call you talented? On another perspective. Do you feel that everything is just way too difficult and you’ve spent a lot of time and jet you don’t see notable results? Do you feel that reaching your goals are impossible? In either of these cases having someone guiding you is beneficial. Why? Behind every champion theres a guide or someone that helps them reach new heights that where taught impossible.

Sure, the talented naturally feel like they don’t need the help but when they open themselves to it they see more in them thus making them notice how much they needed that guidance to go higher.

There are people in history that have achieved big things and were rumored to not have teachers. To that I say that it only looks like that cuz of perspective. One can learn from even the most unexpected things. An adult can learn many life lessons from kids and even teachers learn from their students. We all learn things from everyone. We take information out of everything that surrounds us. Why not have a guide or a teacher that will help us have a good and calculated direction faster?

With this question I leave a curiosity within you. If you’ve already had teachers you should know the great value they add. Even if you didn’t have one you should be curious of how much higher could you go towards your goals through a straight and educated path. Some lessons should be learned alone but other ones are guided through roads you probably didn’t even see.

At the end the decision is personal. You should take in consideration your goals and how fast you want to reach them. Time itself is very valuable and acquiring ways to save it makes it a blessing all in its self.

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