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How to get your fingers strong enough to play guitar?

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How to get your fingers strong enough to play guitar?

Many people think that playing guitar is difficult because of the pain they feel when they try to press the strings. That pain makes you think that you need stronger fingers to play the guitar but in reality you need to feel less pain. Of course, you should have the capacity to press with more strength but it's not the only thing that's necessary. It doesn't matter how hard you can press the strings, if you feel pain you will feel an urge to resist keeping your fingers on the guitar.

How can we minimize that pain that we feel when we press the strings of the guitar? Calluses. The fingers should create thicker and less sensible skin to start dealing with this problem of not being able to press strongly at fair each string. Many times the fingers create bubbles in the skin that regenerate overtime and form a stronger and thicker skin.

You should analyze your fingers and see how they have developed. Have you created any calluses yet? Have you created multiple calluses in your fingers? Do you still feel pain in the tip of your fingers? Do your fingers grab the strings firmly every time you try to do a bend on the guitar?

You should feel that your fingers grab the guitar firmly. What time the fingers should get a custom to bend the skin inward and create a type of a grip. That grip is very important because it allows you to keep playing without using too much strength and stamina. But for that to happen efficiently the fingers have to feel less pain or none at all. Eliminating pain is one of the secret to having stronger fingers, or better yet, fingers utilizing the correct amount of strength for the best efficiency in the technique.

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