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What instrument is easier to play?

What instrument is easier to play? This is one of the most common questions asked by mu students. Why do they ask that? Because many of them wanted to enter the world of music as quickly and as easily as possible or hey just want a musical instrument that feels the most comfortable for them. They also ask out of simple curiosity.

Within the most common instruments you can find the guitar, piano, drums, bass, etc. We can use as comparisons the guitar and the piano since they have many similarities but many differences as well and they are melodic, harmonic, and rhythmic instruments.

The piano is an instrument that has many practical aspects because we can find basic musical patterns on its own construction and structure. It’s structured in a way that makes it really easy to digest basic musical knowledge like the notes that can be located easily on the piano once you know what you’re doing. The keys are also pretty easy to press as well.

The guitar tends to be an instrument that recycles a lot of details that you learn once. Once you learn one thing it’s very probable that you’ll be able to use it somewhere else. The piano also does this but it happens in a different way. Also, the guitar could have really easy to play parts that can help someone starting out to make some music because of its design.

If we compare one to the other we can say that the guitar may be more complicated to some because of the string tension and the strength that you need to press and maintain the notes. The piano, on the other hand, may require more coordination through both hands to play certain musical pieces and can get pretty complicated.

We can see now that the guitar has some problems that the piano doesn’t have and viceversa. We have to take that into consideration when we decide on an instrument. This way we can go to the conclusion that every instrument can be easy depending on the level you want to reach and the capabilities a person holds. It’s not the same thing to play basic piano like it is to play piano at a professional, advanced or elite level and the same thing applies for guitar. You have to look at your strengths and weaknesses on a personal level to reach a conclusion.

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