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With what guitar should I learn to play?

What guitar should I buy to learn to play?

It is said many times that the best guitar to learn how to play is the acoustic guitar. But that can be debated. Which are your goals? What drives your passion? If the thing that excites you are the sounds that the electric guitar can create then you should go for the electric guitar. If acoustic sounds are the sounds that you enjoy that the acoustic guitar is the one that you’ll enjoy more. Use the guitar that will give you more drive to practice and play more and more consistently. Knowing that practicing is completely essential for your musical development it is a good strategy to accumulate as many hours of practice time as possible.

There are certain types of techniques that are better suited for different types of guitars. For example, the “bend” technique. For the traditional acoustic guitar is harder to perform a bend because the strings are normally harder, with a tighter tension and that can create more resistance at the moment you’re trying to bend the guitar string. The radius of the acoustic guitar can be flatter thus making some chords a bit more uncomfortable to play.

One must understand what one wants to achieve and what one can see themselves playing in the future. That can obviously change but thinking ahead can lean you to a good place with better direction for better results. Those results will let you see the possibility to accomplish your goals more and that will give you motivation. Also, since motivation is also a big factor for your development, we can say that everything you can do to motivate yourself will allow you to progress and it should be taken into consideration.

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