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How to start training you ears?

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How to start training you ears?

For a musician it is essential to have a good ear. Apart from having healthy ears there are abilities that one must have as a complete musician. The majority of people think to train their physical movements in their instruments. For example, the guitar and piano they train their fingers and hands to get better constantly. Of course, it is very important to player instruments and that your body responds correctly to it but it's not the only thing that's needed to be a great musician.

One of the main things a musician must train strongly is their ears. It seems obvious but many don’t do this and it leads to frustration. Being able to physically play parts but not being able to make it feel like real music or not being able to imitate parts by just listening is something that will not let you progress.

How do you start to train your ears then? Well, one of the most effective and necessary ways to do it is by developing your ability to sing or imitate sounds with your voice. Im not saying to train your voice to sing like the grate vocalists Luciano Pavarotti or Celine Dion. It’s to train your voice to feel the feeling of connecting sounds singing and to prove that you’re hearing sounds like they really are produced. It’s like when someone has a condition that makes them cross colors in their minds. It doesn’t allow good communication because of it. The same thing could happen with sounds.

You could have that problem and not know it. You could be hearing sounds in a different way than others. It can happen and one must be aware of it. Singing a lot can help with that problem. Especially with someone who is trained well because they can guide you on he right track. It’s important that someone that has a good ear listens and tells you if you’re doing it correctly for securing your progress.

Use your voice and your body to imitate sounds and to create music constantly and you’ll see results.


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